Pregancy Chiropractic

Increasing numbers of health consumers are relying on Chiropractic as a non-invasive means of helping them cope with the symptoms of head, neck and lower back pain commonly experienced during pregnancy.

Just like all healthcare modalities the personal results will vary for these women, but at Impulse Chiropractic our chiropractors are trained to accommodate the changes associated with the pregnant body and modify our techniques accordingly.

Women commonly experience musculoskeletal symptoms during their pregnancy (lower back pain, headaches, carpaltunnel syndrome, or sciatica). These symptoms may be associated with interferences to your body’s normal structural and neurological adaptations due to the physical changes your body tries to make as the pregnancy progresses.

It is important that your spine and pelvis maintains correct control, movement, alignment, and strength as the weight of the baby and the natural adaptive postural changes needed as time goes can put pressure and strain on the joints and surrounding muscles. For some women, Chiropractic care during your pregnancy may help restore a state of balance to the spine and pelvis, allowing your body to function better with fewer symptoms.

The gentle approaches of Chiropractic is just one of the reasons why more obstetricians and midwives are referring their clients to Chiropractors for assistance in their pregnancies.


For further information, a brochure outlining Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy is available, or to request our Chiropractors to discuss these topics with a social or professional group, please contact the clinic: (02) 9939 8817


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