SYDNEY PODIATRY CO is located within Impulse Chiropractic clinic,


At Sydney Podiatry Co we believe healthy feet are a necessity, not a luxury. We are here to restore your foot health. Whether you have a small niggling lower limb concern or a chronic condition our podiatrist’s at Sydney Podiatry Co are here to help.


At Sydney Podiatry Co our podiatry services range from general podiatry (nail care, corns & callus & ingrown toenails) to more specific foot care such as injury diagnosis and rehabilitation, gait analysis, orthotic prescription and myofascial therapies.


Services We offer include: 

   General nail and skin care

   Medical pedicure

   Diabetic foot care and assessment

   Ingrown Toenail Surgery

   Dry needling/acupuncture



   Children’s podiatry

   Walking & Running assessments

   Home visits


At Sydney Podiatry Co, we recognise that every individual is unique. That is why we aim to listen and understand your concerns and together tailor a personalised treatment or management plan that suits you and your lifestyle.


Feet are important whether you are taking your first steps, running a marathon or chasing after the grandchildren. At Sydney Podiatry Co, no foot or lower limb concern is too big or too small to be worthy of a consultation with our podiatrists.