Nutrition is the intake and metabolism of food and specific nutrients, considered in relation to your body’s individual needs. And Clinical Nutrition is the science of nutrients and how they are digested, absorbed, transported, metabolized, stored, and eliminated by the body.

Depending on your stage of life, existing health conditions and digestive abilities, the nutritional need differs from person to person. Contrary to what the media would sometimes have you believe, there is not one diet that suits everyone!

Underlying nutritional deficiencies, biochemical imbalances or food intolerances can lead to a wide range of symptoms and can be addressed with a Personalised Nutritional Prescription.

What types of conditions do Nutritionists work with?

Optimum Nutrition

  • Digestive complaints such as bloating, constipation, flatulence, diarrhoea, reflux & nausea
  • Stress, anxiety & mood
  • Fatigue & low energy levels
  • Hormone regulation, PMS & painful periods
  • Allergies & food intolerances
  • Sleep disturbances & insomnia
  • Inflammatory conditions, joint pain & muscle pain
  • Low immunity & respiratory illnesses
  • Detox & weight loss support
  • Skin conditions such as eczema & acne
  • Chronic illnesses & supporting autoimmune conditions

Qualifications & Association

Our Clinical Nutritionist holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional Medicine), a Bachelor of Communications and has full association membership with ANTA. Health Fund rebates available for NIB, HBF, CBHS, Australian Unity, AHM and GU Health.


An initial appointment with our Clinical Nutritionist is one hour and follow-up appointments are 30 minutes. To book an appointment call 9939 8817 or use the “Request Appointment” button at the top of the page.

If you are unsure if a Clinical Nutritionist is right for you, book a 15 minute drop-in chat to meet our Clinical Nutritionist Kristen & discuss your individual needs.