Feeling sad? It could be SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – a mood disorder that creeps up on long, dark days. Yes, the winter blues are a real disorder. And it affects millions of people each year. But rather than dwell in the darkness, try these 5 winning ways to ward off seasonal depression.


1.Let In The Light  

While it might be too cold and miserable to venture outside, we still need a good dose of vitamin D from the sun to boost our mood. Research suggests a vitamin D deficiency is linked to depression. So on dark days, simply sit near natural light. It could be under a skylight or near a window. 


2.Colour Up

Colour has been shown to lift our moods almost instantly. Surround yourself with zesty hues like yellow and orange –
re-paint your bedroom walls, pin colorful fabric to your office cubicle, or pick out a colourful outfit for the day.


3.Keep Connected

When your mood matches the sky, it’s tempting to dive under the doona and tune out from the world. But sometimes the simplest way to brighten up is to surround yourself with positive people. Invite a friend over or meet a colleague for coffee. Or if you would rather stay in, cuddle up in comfort with a loved one or pet.


4.Go Green

Too cold and wet to walk in nature? Bring the green indoors! Placing a plant or two around your home and workspace keeps the air clean and fresh. Interestingly, greenery has been proven to enhance productivity and wellbeing – so get planting!


5.Keep Active 

Have you noticed that when you drop your daily exercise habits, your mood plummets? It’s no surprise, since mood is so closely linked to our activity levels. Maybe the weather makes it impractical to go for a walk or run outdoors, but there are plenty of indoor activities to try.


Note: The advice in this article should not be taken as medical advice and you should discuss depression treatments with a health professional.