It is that time of year again, winter sport is about to begin! This time of year always rolls around quickly each year and it can catch you off guard. For some of us, after a long off season and festive season our bodies aren’t quite conditioned and ready to jump into the full swing of our chosen winter sports. For us Chiropractors at Impulse Chiropractic it becomes a very busy time of year as many injuries and niggles start to appear a few weeks into the season as you start to ask more of your bodies.


Our most common roll as a Chiropractor in dealing with sports injuries is to treat the injury after it happens and help you get back on the field. This is a straightforward and reactive process…you play your sport hard until an injury occurs à you seek treatment à we treat the injury until you’re ready to get back to playing. However, we can take a more proactive approach by helping to identify and manage injury risk. This can be done by carrying out a thorough functional exam to identify the areas of the body that are lacking mobility and stability. Injury in most cases is a result of dysfunctional movement patterns due to poor mobility and stability. When we play sport the load demands on our body increase significantly and these dysfunctions are more likely to be exposed and become an issue. Once these dysfunctional areas are identified they can then be managed through application of a treatment plan that may involve a combination our hands-on treatment or a home exercise rehabilitation program.


By managing dysfunctional movements in your body that are related to your sport, we can lower the risk that you will suffer an injury at some point during the season as well as help to enhance your performance! Aside from this, it is not uncommon to develop niggles and aches associated with the demands of your week-to-week sports as the season progresses. It is important that these niggles are managed as they can develop into more serious injury or contribute to injury elsewhere in the body.


Our Chiropractors are well trained in treating and managing sports related injuries. Taking a more proactive approach to your health and identifying these issues will allow you to get the most out of your performance and make the season a more enjoyable one! You don’t have to wait until an injury occurs to start working on improving how your body moves and functions!