Types of Care

Different levels of care are required based on your initial injury status and individual health goals. We tailor your adjustment schedule to reflect your specific injury or concern in order to obtain maximal results in the shortest possible time.

Crisis / Relief Care

When patients present with pain or a particular symptom, our first objective is to offer relief. Treatment sessions are typically scheduled more frequently in order to help the body repair and adapt as quickly as possible. Recovery rate is dependant on the injury itself, the tissues involved, and of course your general background health and daily activity loads. Adjusting of the spine is dose-dependent and its effects are cumulative over time. Each subsequent adjustment builds on the last, promoting tissue repair and normalisation of your nervous system regulation. During these visits we will generally discuss recommendations to aid your healing response and make life more tolerable during a difficult time. It is your responsibility to follow the Chiropractors recommendations and keep to your adjustment schedule in order to gain the best results from our care. Chiropractic treatment is considered to be a highly effective and cost efficient therapy for acute lower back pain.

Corrective and Rehabilitative Care

This period follows on from acute management or crisis care. Decision time occurs after your symptoms have improved and your pain has gone. Do you continue on with care to allow the tissue to fully repair and heal, or stop treatment and see what happens? Remember, pain is simply an expression of tissues in damage. If you choose to regain control and function, and promote long term stability/regeneration, your adjustments will continue at a lesser frequency and we will start focusing on your home rehabilitation program. Your involvement is crucial at this stage of your recovery. When Chiropractic treatment is combined with tailored exercises we can achieve a strong and stable spine (and body) that will handle the challenges that you throw at it in daily life. Achieving spinal stability and control is not unlike any other discipline. It takes time and effort to develop. Here at Impulse Chiropractic we are experienced in putting together and supporting you in your rehabilitation programs that you need to achieve this goal. Not all people choose this approach to their health care, so whatever your preference, we’re here to serve and support you in your decision.

Supportive and Maintenance Care

With some long term or neglected conditions, permanent damage may have occurred to the joints, muscles and supportive tissues. The resultant weakness may have also produced altered neurological controlling programs. For some people, having a regular adjustment can hold them at a certain level of function and pain, helping prevent deterioration or recurrences of their injury and symptoms. Again the frequency of adjustments at this stage is individual, just as every patient’s requirements are personal. We see this approach as an investment in your health. Once you get well, take the simple steps to stay well.


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