What to Expect

Chiropractic consultations are no cause for concern, in fact quite the opposite. You do not need a medical referral for Chiropractic care (unless WorkCover or DVA is involved. Please call reception for assistance if this is the case: Phone (02) 9939 8817).

Chiropractic treats the cause of underlying problems, not the symptoms of the problem. Our goal is to remove impediments from your body’s nervous system so you can heal yourself.

Initial Consultation

Expect to spend up to 45 minutes with us during your first visit, and please bring any appropriate x-rays or scans you may already have.

This consultation allows the Chiropractor to listen to your case history and ascertain your needs and goals from our care. We will conduct a thorough examination of your spine and body, including movement/orthopaedic, neurological, chiropractic, muscle strength and palpation of the joints in order to ascertain if & how we can help you. If we feel that further testing is required in order to properly diagnose your injury or condition, the Chiropractor will arrange an appropriate referral at the time.

Some clients may require X-Ray evaluation to:

  • Help determine the condition of the spinal discs and joints
  • Establish if there is any degeneration and if so its severity
  • Help locate potential underlying problem areas
  • Allow us to determine the best type of care for you

If this is the case, we will arrange for these films to be bulk-billed under Medicare.

Report of Findings

This is typically scheduled as an extended appointment as it allows your Chiropractor the time to explain the significant findings from your initial assessment and any subsequent tests, detailing the cause of your presenting symptoms. Your Chiropractor will also propose and explain an appropriate course of treatment tailored to help you achieve your health recovery goals. This process furthermore allows you the opportunity to understand your injury and ask questions about your care.

Standard Consultation

These sessions make up the bulk of your care. During these visits we continually reassess the neuromusculoskeletal control of your whole body and closely monitor your injury recovery. Adjustments are administered and modified as required, and rehabilitation exercises introduced as we progress through your agreed care plan. We encourage questions and discussions from our clients during these visits to keep you informed and on track with your health goals.

Extended Consultations

These will be specifically arranged with your Chiropractor when more time is needed. Commonly this can occur when we are measuring and casting custom orthotics, examining a new injury complaint, assessing after a lengthy absence from care, or simply require extra time due to the complexity of your condition.

After an Adjustment

Following your adjustment (using whichever technique we have agreed to), we routinely retest the weak markers, range of motion, reflex patterns, and strength tests, to ensure the appropriate changes have been produced. Using this approach after each session helps us deliver consistent outcomes and expert care, and most importantly high levels of patient understanding and satisfaction.


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