Additional Products & Services

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In addition to our professional hands on care, the clinic also stocks:

chiropractic - supplements

  • Quality practitioner only supplements to enhance repair and promote wellbeing
  • ICB custom Orthotics and lifts to improve total body stability from the feet up
  • Chiroflow Pillows to support the neck and promote good sleep patterns. Only $115.00 (RRP $149)
  • Deep Tissue self Massager’s to enable continued therapy at home
  • Flexible Ice-Aid/Heat packs that assist in reducing the inflammatory response
  • Posture-Pals supportive strapping to help retrain faulty posture.
  • “Home Rehabilitation Equipment” – Foam Rollers, Spiky massage balls and Therabands

We can also arrange for specialised orthopaedic supportive braces from our suppliers AOK Health.

If you have any additional questions, please call our North Curl Curl Chiropractic clinic on (02) 9939 8817 as we are here to help.