About Us

Chiropractic care should be an enjoyable experience. At Impulse Chiropractic we aim to make your adjustments comfortable and effective.

Impulse Chiropractic Care

We use and modify techniques that are suitable for people of all ages and sizes – from babies and children, pregnant women and the elderly, and office workers to high performance athletes. By tailoring your treatment technique to one that best suits your body (age, health, physique) and is injury specific, we are able to help facilitate your healing response – naturally.

We cater for the young, yes, babies and children benefit from Chiropractic too, and our friendly staff are always willing to interact with and watch over your young ones, enabling mum or dad to switch off and focus on the importance of their own adjustment and care.


Once we have assessed and understood the unique situation of your body, our Chiropractors use a number of highly effective approaches to help relieve your pain and improve your neuromusculoskeletal function. The primary course of care will be specific Chiropractic adjustments. This will help return individual joints to their proper motion, position and neurological harmony.

There are hundreds of ways of using carefully directed and controlled pressure to restore these subluxated (‘stuck’ or fixated) joints. This may require a quick thrust by hand, the use of an adjusting tool (Activator), or in other instances a slow, constant pressure.

Sometimes, only one area of the spine is adjusted, and other times the entire body may require attention. Interestingly, adjusting of the joints works directly by stimulating the control centres of your spinal cord and nervous system, helping them do their job better, and enabling you to maintain your own alignment easier.

Some adjusting approaches can result in a faint ‘popping’ sound, called a cavitation and do not hurt. This sound is created by the shifting of gas and fluid within the joint, not the crunching of bones. Contrary to popular belief, the presence or loudness of the sound has little meaning, and varies with each patient.


All too frequently, injuries (both past and present), introduce faulty muscular, postural and movement patterns that the body retains within its neurological framework (brain programs). Once stable, we incorporate rehabilitation exercises into your treatment program in order to repair and retrain these systems for total recovery and stabilisation. Naturally, we work within your body limits and customise the exercises to help you achieve your desired goals.

Musculoskeletal Acupuncture

Precise Point Musculoskeletal Acupuncture utilises the principles of traditional chinese acupuncture points in conjunction with anatomical relationships, with the goal of stimulating a musculoskeletal response. This therapy when used concurrently with your Chiropractic adjustments can aid in pain reduction and help stimulate tissue repair via physiological responses within your neuromusculoskeletal system.

After an Adjustment

Following your adjustment (using whichever technique we have agreed to), we routinely retest the weak markers, range of motion, reflex patterns, and strength tests, to ensure the appropriate changes have been produced. Using this approach after each session helps us deliver consistent outcomes and expert care, and most importantly high levels of patient understanding and satisfaction.