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The temporomandibular joint (jaw joint) or TMJ is one of the most heavily used joints in the body. It is used in many day to day tasks such as eating, talking, breathing and also facial expression. This high workload combined with the complexity of the joint structure means that the TMJ can quite often be […]

Dry Needling – How can it help you?

Dry needling has become an increasingly popular aspect of treatment for many musculoskeletal conditions in recent years. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and other allied health clinicians are including this modality in the treatment of a wide number of musculoskeletal conditions. Dry needling involves needle penetration at specific anatomical sites, resulting in mechanical stimulation of the surro...

Thoracic Mobility

THORACIC MOBILITY Do you recurrently suffer from shoulder, neck, low back, headache pain? Are you unsure why this pain keeps coming back? The thoracic spine may be a key contributor to this! In the age of technology and increasingly sedentary lifestyles, thoracic stiffness and immobility seems to be commonplace across the population. So how does […]

What type of headache are you suffering from?

Headache is one of the most common neurologic symptoms experienced by adults and children. Most people have experienced some type of headache pain in their life. It is most often derived from benign causes and they are often harmless. There are many different types of headaches and each type of headache affects everyone differently, making […]

Magnesium – How can it help you?

I’m sure you’ve all heard something about magnesium and that we don’t get enough of it! But what exactly does magnesium do for us and why do we need it. Most people associate this mineral with muscle function, which is true…however it does much much more for us than support our muscular system.   WHAT […]

Personal Training with Dr. James Kerr

Did you know that Impulse Chiropractor James Kerr is also a certified personal trainer? James is available for 1:1 and small group training to help you enhance your exercise and fitness goals! Key areas which James can help you with include: Functional movement training: Training that focuses on optimising mobility and stability of the musculoskeletal […]

Feeling stressed & tired this winter? Your diet can help…

Are you are constantly feeling tired? Struggle to get up in the morning? Crave salty or sweet foods? Find it difficult to concentrate? Suffer from headaches or have muscle tension in your neck or back? You could be suffering from chronic stress or adrenal fatigue. In our fast-paced, immediate lifestyle, most of us are impacted by stress. […]

SPINAL HEALTH WEEK 23 – 29 May 2106

Back Your Inner Athlete  This year, Spinal Health Week 2016 runs from 23 to 29 May with the theme ‘Back Your Inner Athlete’. Every day more and more Australians experience disabling low back pain, neck pain and headaches, limiting their ability to work and engage in an active healthy life. One explanation for this is […]

Is your digestive health affecting your mood?

I see more and more people presenting in clinic with a combination of digestive complaints such as bloating, constipation or diarrhoea coupled with feelings of stress, anxiety or feeling flat. Does this sound familiar… you get a respiratory infection, you take a course or two of antibiotics. Your infection goes away, but in the next […]

6 Nutritional Tips for a Stomach Virus

by Kristen Soper, Clinical Nutritionist As the weather starts turning colder and we find ourselves spending more time in-doors, the likelihood of picking up a cold or stomach bug increases. In the last week, a number of clients I’ve spoken to have been feeling under the weather with nausea, vomiting and loose stools. Here are […]